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Washington State Department of Health
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Empowering People
is your "one stop center" for your nurse delegation and education needs. We educate and empower nursing assistants and facility owners to deliver excellence in residential care, a level of quality that would meet our own expectations for our family members.

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to have your delegation and educational needs met.


                        EMPOWERING PEOPLE

Mission statement

 We advocate for our clients by determining the best scenario outcome for our clients.

We determine the goals of our clients by reviewing the Comprehensive assessment and history and physical and the medication profile. We research and audit our company’s practices providing effective, efficient services.   We have conversations with our homeowners, care staff and clients about the partnership that is nurse delegation.   We research and develop care plans that state our client’s goals and implement interventions that provide that care. We follow the nurse practice act for nurse delegation and we document that we have done so.  

This is what the state of Washington expects from us.  This is what we provide.

These are the questions we continually ask ourselves?  

To rethink and redesign how nursing can be in the year 2047.


                        THIS IS WHO WE ARE