Suffering from nurse burnout?

Long hours!

Late nights!

Double shifts!

Demanding doctors!

Overwhelming caseloads!

Delegate your skills to Home Care Aids!

Work your own hours

Full or part time

Work from home

Time with family

Great pay and benefits

Become a Nurse Delegator!

What is a nurse delegator?

Nurse Delegation is a State of Washington law that allows caregivers to provide care that would normally be provided by a licensed nurse. This care may include:

As a nurse delegator you’ll educate and supervise your team of caregivers. You can enjoy working from home and setting your own hours. Work part-time or full time. We need BOTH!

Know that your license is helping more caregivers help more of our most vulnerable during this COVID pandemic.

Get your life back!
Enjoy more time with your family and friends.

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Read what other nurse delegators have written:

“Since I became a nurse delegator I get more time with my family and my stress level dropped dramatically! I get to work, make bank, and still get time with my grandkids!”
RN Delegator

Moses Lake

“You want to know why I became a nurse delegator? It’s when it occurred to me my one license could literally help tens if not hundreds of others. In this pandemic there has never been a more important time to be able to reach out and play a valuable role in keeping our most vulnerable – our seniors – protected with our very best medical training.”

RN Delegator


“The freedom and flexibility is so great! I never schedule myself for more than 32 hours/week and I pick the times! What could be better?”
RN Delegator




Empowering People inspires caregivers to provide the best possible care through comprehensive, hands-on training.

Our highly-rated education program empowers caregivers through training in the courses required by the State of Washington for home care aide certification. These courses, taught by experienced registered nurses, prepare our students to successfully care for the most vulnerable populations in our community.

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We empower care-facility owners and their caregivers to deliver exceptional residential care by providing a level of quality we would expect for our own family members.

Our partner care facilities receive exceptional nurse delegation services from registered nurses with years of experience in diverse professional care settings. Empowering People nurse delegators work side by side with caregivers and care-facility owners to ensure our clients receive the best care possible.

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